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Summit International School of Ministry is the Bible School of Times Square Church. Founded in 1994 through the ministry of David Wilkerson, we are located in Grantville, Pennsylvania on a beautiful 100-acre campus is situated near the foothills of the Blue Mountains.

Summit’s mission is to build the spiritual foundation that allows men and women to become spiritually free and entirely useful in whatever vocation they are called to. Our hope is that young people would be trained and transformed to become a mobilized spiritual army equipped to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

At Summit we define ministry as living for the benefit of others.

Our two-year program provides men and women with a well-rounded understanding of ministry through academic, practical and spiritual training.

Academically, Summit aims to cultivate a biblical worldview in its students through in depth study of the Bible and theology, as well as ministerial courses offering instruction in areas such as evangelism, homiletics and church planting.

Spiritually, the emphasis of the school is knowing Christ in a living and intimate way, so that you can understand your position in Christ and the freedom He has purchased for you.

Practically, students have the opportunity to apply what they are learning through community outreaches and post-graduate internships, which offer ministry opportunities both in the US and abroad.



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