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“Do you love yourself enough to let God change you?”

It’s a rainy Monday afternoon at Summit. I walk briskly into the back entrance of the dining hall; the atmosphere is light and happy inside despite the weather. Students are gathered around tables, eating, laughing and talking.

I stand in line behind Blanca, waiting to get food. We both get the broccoli soup and a turkey cheddar sandwich. I ask if I can sit with her. “Of course!” she laughs. She has one of those distinctive laughs, the one you hear from down the hall and know it’s her; big, joyful, and contagious. We settle at a table in the middle of the room.

Blanca tells me she is from Queens, New York. Born and raised. Her parents immigrated there from El Salvador in the late 70’s to escape the Salvadoran Civil War.

Blanca had a happy upbringing in New York, the middle child of 11 siblings. She finished college, worked at a legal firm in New York, and taught English in Korea. Several years into her career, however, the endless cycle of work, drinks with friends, and living for the weekend became burdensome.

“I started to ask ‘what is this life? What am I doing? I’m tired of this. God, what do you want me to do?’”

She received her reply, with a simple thought; I want you to serve me.

In 2015, Blanca applied to Summit. When she was accepted to the Class of 2017, she knew this was it; this was the moment her life would change. She tells me her two years at Summit have been transformative. She has learned who she is in Christ, how to intelligently defend what she believes, and what it means to live for the benefit of others.

I ask her what she would say to someone who is on the fence about applying to Summit. “Oh man I would probably say, ‘do you love yourself enough to let God change you?’”

Her eyes light up as she draws an imaginary line on the cafeteria table.

“I’m a visual person. This line is your lifetime. Summit is just two years. Two years of not thinking of anything else but the relationship between you and God. Those two years can change the rest of your life.”


It’s a new year, everyone!  We’re praying that you’ve been blessed over the holiday season and that God would continue to minister to our hearts.

2016 is a continuation of the year of answered prayer.  Isaiah 65:24 says, “And it shall come to pass that, before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”  We invite you to join us and make this year a year of prayer-a year of seeking the face of God.  He will answer, and God is not a man that He should lie.

Take time this year to give God your every day.  He deserves every waking moment, and it’s His Spirit alone that gives you breath.  Allow Him to change your life and bring you to a deeper place in Him.  Don’t be satisfied with where you are.  Be only satisfied at His feet.

God bless you!


Missions: Colombia

Three Crosses on a hill and children running all around kicking a soccer ball.

Have I captured your attention yet?

post_angel 2

Imagine it: garbage all over the ground-but up in the distance the most beautiful view my eyes have ever seen. How would it make you feel? Excited, but confused, I imagine. But see this was the goal of my team. My team of about 20+ people travelled from the comforts of home to a country that was at one point the most dangerous countries in the world. Why, you ask? To bring hope. But as you can imagine, it’s not always simple. The country is Colombia-to be more specific, Medellin.

Let me give you a bit of history: Colombia used to be the biggest exporter of crack cocaine. I mean, even to this day, people can get high off of crack cocaine for less than 50 cents in American money. So here we are, travelling to one of the world’s top 5 most dangerous countries, where most of the team does not understand the language. It seems crazy. I mean, how are we going to communicate to them about Jesus if we can’t even understand when they are giving us their names? All we had was faith-thank God that’s all He requires. Though we did not know the language, we did have one universal thing everybody knows: sports. We used sports as the door to build relationships with the kids to show them the love of Christ.


Every day for a week we got up early and prepared the soccer balls and nets. Then we went to meet the kids where we ran drills with them. After that, we had them play scrimmage games with one another. At the end of the day we had a time of discipleship where we talked to them about what it means to be transformed. We told them how God wanted to transform them and how God was able to transform them.

Within one week I saw so many relationships built…relationships that language barriers could not stop. We used the simple tool of kicking a ball to show these kids how much they are valued. We saw so many kids give their lives to Christ…but not only them: even their parents gave their hearts to God. Today 100+ kids know Jesus as their personal Savior simply because of taking the time to kick a ball with them. God was there, in Colombia. Three Crosses on a hill with kids kicking a ball around… & it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

-Angel, Class of 2015

post_angel 3

Missions: Swaziland

Hi! I’m Anna and I’m a recent graduate (class of 2015)

I’d like to share with you all a bit about my missions trip this past June.  A team of 12 of us headed to Swaziland for two weeks!  This was a land of transformation in my heart.  The natives’ reverence for God inspired me to love God more.

This trip was full of service-we were there to serve the people.  We even made history-we helped paint a house that will be used to help young pregnant women to finish their education.  This house will be the first of its kind in Swaziland!   We worked with a pre-school, visited a hospital, washed clothes, cooked, and just served.

The children at the children’s home snuck a way into my heart like no one ever has before!  They loved, touched, and blessed us with their small hands (but big hearts!) Their words “aunty Anna” still ring in my ears. I asked God to change me from the inside out, and He did.  He allowed my brokenness to bring about healing in His wings to my life.  I will never regret going on this trip.  I encourage all who feel a direction from God to go!

Walk and say yes-know that He has something bigger planned for your life than you could ever dream up yourself.

Anna be a boss

Missions: France

God recently did way above and beyond what some of us were asking or thinking in France. People can sometimes develop a bleak vision for countries or people groups where the fruit of the gospel is scarce. This may be the case with France, a country whose natives have described to me their churches as empty, boring, and mainly visited by the elderly.

God is at work, though: He recently sent 16 young people, under the leadership of Pr. Patrick and Rosa Pierre of Times Square Church, on a 9-day mission trip to the southwest of France. We put on 6 gospel concerts in and around the city of Toulouse along with local churches, proclaiming the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.

God not only provided us with the funds to go, but with the grace to reach out to people on the streets, prepare skits, songs, testimonies, and preaching that ultimately pointed people to God through Jesus Christ.

Typically the churches received record attendance for the concerts, and at each meeting people were responding to turn to and give their lives to Jesus Christ. At a couple of concerts around 20 people or more responded each time. Someone even gave their life to the Lord Jesus on our rest day during a cookout with the young believers of Toulouse! Such was the way God was moving on hearts in France! Pastors and believers were greatly blessed by God since this rate of conversions was for them unusual.

It was great to have Joshua C., Judith V. and Tony G. on the team – also class of 2014 Summit alumni. What a privilege that the Lord Jesus took us alongside to serve Him in what He is doing in Europe. God used my Summit experience to help me be ready to serve with whatever was needed. French believers testified that the messages shared by us alumni were clear and orderly – something I think God developed in us at least partly through Summit’s homiletics course. That’s what it is: living for the benefit of others.

So voilà, there’s a snippet of the awesome things Jesus recently did—shining His light in dark places and using His children for the glory of His name. Won’t you ask the Lord Jesus if He would send you somewhere for His name’s sake? Put the excuses aside; only believe, and see the glory of God.

-Oliver, Class of 2014


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