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12.2 Missions | Part 3 – Colombia

In Colombia, the 12.2 team worked with a ministry and church by the name of City of Refuge (Ciudad Refugio).  This ministry serves their local community in a variety of capacities, such as providing food, shelter and rehabilitation programs to the drug addicted and homeless, and running several feeding programs for children. While we there we also got a chance to work closely with Summit alumni, Gustavo Ruiz, Jamus Marquette and Adriana Uribe.


The ministry had our team run a sports camp for a week at the site of one of their feeding programs. This location is home to the second largest population of internally displaced children in Colombia, meaning they have been forced to leave their homes and now reside in a community consisting largely of makeshift structures. The United Nations has a school facility in the midst of this community that we were able to use for the week because we were training the children in soccer.

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Every week the ministry reaches between 60 and 80 kids on Saturdays through the feeding program. On the first day of the soccer camps, over 115 kids lined up for registration, and by the end of the week close to 250 kids were participating in the drills and hearing from our coaches what it means to be more than an athlete. One of the great advantages the sports camp provided for the ministry was a reach to the older boys in the area who are less likely to come to the feeding program. Some of these boys even ended up attending the church at the end of the week!



With a language barrier and attendance numbers 5 to 6 times greater than normal, God was certainly our source of structure and order. We loved on kids and created a sense of teamwork and competition, but most importantly preached the gospel message and saw a large number of kids respond to this message

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12.2 Missions | Part 2 – Chicago


This summer in the Southside of Chicago, the 12.2 team came alongside a Summit alumnus, Pastor Ryan Johnson, who is working with a small church plant, helping them to develop a year-round outreach to their local community. The church had arranged a partnership with the park district for Thursday through Saturday to allow our team to host soccer and basketball camps for the 60-70 children and youth in their summer day camp program. We were then able to invite these kids to an awards ceremony on Sunday.


Throughout the camp we saw kids responding to the gospel message through general assemblies and small huddle times, and on Sunday about 20 kids came out to the award ceremony with their families. We were blessed by the desire of this church to serve their local community and encouraged by their efforts to maintain and build upon the relationships developed during the camps.



12.2 Missions | Part 1 – What’s the Mission?

What’s the Mission?

One speaker during our mission trip training presented to us the notion that our approach to missions should be the same as the greatest missionary of all time – Jesus Himself!

Jesus left His home, heaven, and came to humbly serve the world.


Our Mission for these short term trips was then defined as follows: to come alongside and serve the local church. The image of a single body has never been clearer. Though there may be many local congregations and various ministries all over the world, we are all the hands and feet of Jesus wherever our “local” is. This summer, over roughly two weeks, the 12.2 team was privileged to serve alongside a church in Chicago, Illinois and one in Medellin, Colombia as they served their respective “local” communities.


Psalm 115 says, “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness.” Because of God’s continued faithfulness, He has brought glory to His name and we can reflect on our short term missions and say – mission accomplished.


No Greater Joy Than the Reality of Picking Up Our Cross

“Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” – Matthew 9:28

“And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” – Matthew 10:39

We get saved. We encounter God like never before. We get to the point where God has worked in our hearts for us to lay down our lives and we are willing to give up everything to follow JESUS. We start to pray big prayers. God use me. Use my life. Let me lose my life for you. Raise me up as a laborer. These are heartfelt prayers we pray in the moment, at the altar, or in our private prayer closets.

Now…what happens when God answers the prayers and it becomes a reality? This reality has hit me harder than ever before. As I get closer to graduating and having had the opportunity to hear from so many ministers this year with 20, 30, 40 years of ministry experience the reality sets in. I know faithfulness in ministry is not an easy thing. Am I committed to laying down my life? Not just for today, or tomorrow, a couple weeks or months, but literally each day for the rest of my life. The commitment to see revival; the commitment to seeing God move in this generation; the commitment to pour out my life and give up my time to see others encounter and walk with the true living God. This commitment is my picking up my cross.

I have nothing else to go back to. I lost my life for JESUS and there is no greater life to live. It’s a life of adventure. It is a life of sacrifice. It’s a life of living for the benefit of others. JESUS gave his life for me, so who am I not to lose my life for the sake of his glory. I get to be up close and personal in the work that only he can do. The commitment only becomes overwhelming when I look at myself rather than JESUS, but he will complete the work and I get to be who he has always called me to be. The reality is I wouldn’t trade this life of picking up my cross for anything else.

-Tobi, Class President, ’16



Tobi serves on our 12:2 community outreach sports team. Read more about the ministry at


Summit Lions in Action!

Zach DeRoos – 3rd Year

A lot is on the line for the Summit Lions Basketball team. For the first time in the history of Summit, the opportunity to challenge another school in a competition has presented itself. It’s Saturday the 16th and our whole team (me included) is wondering what the outcome is going to be after a game against NCCS (New Covenant Christian School). For weeks we have been preparing for this game and now the day is finally here. As I walk onto the court with my team to shoot around…it is almost impossible for us to keep from measuring them up; especially, when their center stretches the measuring tape all the way up to 6’ 8” in his socks. After an inspirational speech from the coach, we proceed to put our game faces on, sing the National Anthem, and then line up for the jump ball. Regardless of the height of New Covenant Flames’ center, the Summit Lions end up with the first possession and the game begins. The rival fans from both schools begin to cheer their teams on, watching the execution of fundamental basketball at work. Through a twisting mass of screens, ankle breakers, and box outs; both sides steadily add points to the board. The Lions stayed in a comfortable lead for the majority of the game with the final score ending a bit closer at 68-61. With a roar of victory, the Lions line up to shake the hands of the slightly kindling Flames, thus marking a perfect ending to what is only the beginning of future competitions here at Summit. Go Lions!


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