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Amazing Experience

My heart and my mind are still in awe of what God did in Milwaukee. I mean, just seeing the power of God move in Milwaukee was so life changing, so transforming. Just to see God using vessels like use to display His glory was amazing.  Relationship-building and unity was evident in the team; it was like a glimpse of what the body of Christ is going to look like in heaven.

God moved in an incredible way. So many people were giving their lives to Christ – gangbangers, transgendered individuals, addicts, Muslims – even children so boldly came forward to receive Christ. God moved mightily in my family, as well – my little sister, living in Milwaukee, also received Christ! What an incredible movement.

The people of Milwaukee were grateful for what God was doing through us as a Truce team, through music, testimonies, and altar calls. I kept hearing the people saying “this has never happened” – it was novel to them and it showed me that God really loves them and cares for them and us.

We were so blessed to be apart of God purpose and plan for Milwaukee, and I know that God is not finished with this city. We truly planted the seed of God in the hearts of men, women, and children there. I’m truly grateful to be a part of the mission of God and definitely want continue to be a part of Truce and whatever God has planned for my life.

Sincerely Darrell,

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Darrell with the legendary Nicky Cruz, one of the main character in the Cross and the Switchblade

Darrell with the legendary Nicky Cruz, one of the main character in the Cross and the Switchblade


Darrell preaching the word at one of the outreaches

You Are With Me

You Are With Me

From Bethany, Class of 2012, wrote the title song off our first EP.

You Are With Me was written in 2014 on a walk across a bridge on a melty winter day, something like today. I had been living in a swirl of questions for weeks, wondering if there was about to be a change in my life. Was I supposed to move away, would I be able to travel, was I supposed to be preparing for marriage? My gaze was so fixed on the future my peace was vacant in the present. As I was walking across that bridge God corrected me so gently, “You’re so focused on what’s ahead. Look beside you, I’m with you right now.” What joy! Immediately this chorus came out my mouth as I skipped across the bridge:

Now I live without worry
and now I live without fear
no thought of what’s before me
no thought of what’s behind me
only You to draw me near
and what will be and what will happen next
will happen in its time
but for now it is the time to recline
and to remind myself that
You are with me now

My fulfillment in life does not lie in who or what will be in my future but in Who is with me right now: Jesus, my Father, the one who “guides me continually” (Isaiah 58:11) and “upholds me with His righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10). When we are full of Him, there is no room for fear.


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