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My Israel Experience

Hey everyone, my name is Josh, and I graduated last year. As a part of the Summit internship program, I had the opportunity to live in Israel for a few months and bless the people of the nation.

Here’s a little bit of what I encountered:

Seeking refuge, women and children from Sudan & Eritrea travel the sweltering hot desert filled with dangerous animals and soldiers, headed towards Israel. Opening up the doors of their hearts and homes, Messianic Jews on Mt Carmel take them in and care for them. Laying down one’s life for the sake of a refugee is not easy. However, they have committed themselves to being a light to the nations and sharing the love of Yeshua.

The doors of the worship center are opened to Gentiles, like me, who visit. People from different nations and ethnicities, bringing a colorful variety of worship, take time to pray and worship God on Mt. Carmel. My experience in Israel and with God’s chosen people showed me the vast importance of the Gospel being spread. These Messianic Jews were inspiring…they had the freedom to say yes to the will of God, no matter what it meant. Never forgetting the commission Christ gave in that very nation, their work is coming back around full circle. People flock from every nation, desiring to come to the Holy Land to bless the people of Israel.

To say that my walk with Christ has been radically changed would be an understatement. My whole view of what it means to be a child of God and an ambassador of Christ has been flipped.  When you say “yes” to the will of God for your life, you can’t help but be changed!

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Missions Week 2015

Every year, we take a week to focus on God’s heart for the nations.  This year, the theme of Missions Week was “God so loves the world…how big is your world?”  I wasn’t totally sure if Missions Week would impact me…but it turns out that it did! Throughout each of the services and presentations, God was impressing on my heart to “go into the nations.”

I knew that God was calling me to be a missionary. A few years ago, I would’ve been content to work in a cute little church in a small town or even work in an urban ministry. But God rocked my boat, and now He’s calling me out upon the water. A cry He’s set in my heart is “I will go!” I now want to lose it all for Him, and gain much for His glory!

All it takes is a willing heart to be broken in order for His majesty to be shown. How many of us from our generation are willing to surrender all, withholding nothing? We are all called to be missionaries, fulfilling His Great Commission, regardless of the location. I am answering the call.

Will you?

-Sarah C., class of 2015

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The altars were full of students ready to receive the calling of the Great Commission on their lives.

Life as a Summit Intern

Life is definitely different as a Summit intern than as a Summit student.

I work in the front office and the experience of being on the other side of the glass window has been amazing. I really enjoy being able to interact with the students as they come in and out of the office. The senior class has come back with an even deeper desire for God and so many of them have grown immensely over their summer break. It is so awesome seeing the growth in their lives. The freshmen are still in that phase where everything is still new. It’s great to see them wide-eyed and excited to be here. They definitely have a passion for Christ and I know that passion will become deeper as their time here goes on.

Ms. Bethany Neil has been teaching me how the Summit International School of Ministry Front Office operates and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. She has made this whole learning process fun and painless. Ms. Rosemary Collington has also been a great help to me. No matter how many questions I ask she is always there to answer with a smile. I’m so thankful for their wisdom and guidance. The last two weeks of my intern life have not been all sunshine and roses. I’ve had the bad days along with the good. It is okay though: I know that this is where God wants me and there’s no better place to be than where he wants me.

I’m so excited to be interning here and I’m so excited to see what God is going to do!

-Allison Worrell, ’14

Determined to Never Have a Bad Day

My name is Michael Terry and I am the new teacher’s assistant Intern at Summit this year. Just this past May I completed my two years at Summit as a student and I am very happy to call myself a graduate. My two years of school were challenging but at the same time transforming and life changing. I can honestly say that my time as a senior was one of the best and most enjoyable seasons of my life. There was never a dull moment. I was determined to never have a bad day and constantly tried to live in an attitude of gratefulness. Simply, I expected the goodness of God.

I have been coming to grips with the fact that God is indeed good and because He is good, I can expect His goodness in every situation of my life, no matter what the circumstances look like. As Christians we can get into the mindset that if we get comfortable or begin to enjoy something good in our lives that God will take it away from us. It is a completely wrong mindset and causes one to always fear or worry. The fact of the matter is this: Jesus Christ accomplished everything for us on the Cross and because of that we can receive from Him every benefit that His finished work brings. God has a calling on each and every one of our lives, and He has fashioned us for a very particular purpose. Because of this, when we begin to walk into the fullness that He has for us, we should not be surprised if we get comfortable and really enjoy it. We are simply doing what we were made for.

Now I am beginning a new season in my life, and it is a very exciting one. There is a sadness in my heart that I am no longer a student, but what lies ahead is only the goodness of God, and I can walk confidently in that. I am already a month into my internship and I have seen the Lord meet me in ways that have blown my expectations out of the water. His goodness is already evident in this new time of my life and I am simply going to receive it.

We must expect the goodness of God!

Summit Post-Graduate Internship

Summit Post-Graduate Internship

As a second year student going into my last semester, there are a lot of things on my mind – internship being the biggest one. So many questions fill my mind: what’s the next step after graduation? Where will God take me? When will God show me his will for my life?

The other morning, during my devotionals, I was praying and asking God to speak to me concerning internship. I was talking to him very openly and honestly, showing him my heart’s desire to honor him. I kept praying that he would somehow speak to me or show me the direction he wants me to go. As I was praying, God took me to Isaiah 30:21 which says,

“Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
‘This is the way, walk in it,’
Whenever you turn to the right hand
Or whenever you turn to the left.”

God used this verse to comfort my anxious heart. I have been asking God over and over for direction, but he tells me that in his time and in his way, he will speak to me and direct my every step. All of the fears and worries I have had concerning internship have been put away. Yes, it can be easy to become worried about the future, but it takes great faith to hand over everything to God, and to let him have complete control. God is the one who holds my future; he knows my next step. I just have to trust that even though I can’t see where I am going next, God holds the map and that he will guide me in his will. He has control of the where, and I can rest peacefully knowing that God has me exactly where he wants me.

Nikki, 2nd Year Student


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