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“Do you love yourself enough to let God change you?”

It’s a rainy Monday afternoon at Summit. I walk briskly into the back entrance of the dining hall; the atmosphere is light and happy inside despite the weather. Students are gathered around tables, eating, laughing and talking.

I stand in line behind Blanca, waiting to get food. We both get the broccoli soup and a turkey cheddar sandwich. I ask if I can sit with her. “Of course!” she laughs. She has one of those distinctive laughs, the one you hear from down the hall and know it’s her; big, joyful, and contagious. We settle at a table in the middle of the room.

Blanca tells me she is from Queens, New York. Born and raised. Her parents immigrated there from El Salvador in the late 70’s to escape the Salvadoran Civil War.

Blanca had a happy upbringing in New York, the middle child of 11 siblings. She finished college, worked at a legal firm in New York, and taught English in Korea. Several years into her career, however, the endless cycle of work, drinks with friends, and living for the weekend became burdensome.

“I started to ask ‘what is this life? What am I doing? I’m tired of this. God, what do you want me to do?’”

She received her reply, with a simple thought; I want you to serve me.

In 2015, Blanca applied to Summit. When she was accepted to the Class of 2017, she knew this was it; this was the moment her life would change. She tells me her two years at Summit have been transformative. She has learned who she is in Christ, how to intelligently defend what she believes, and what it means to live for the benefit of others.

I ask her what she would say to someone who is on the fence about applying to Summit. “Oh man I would probably say, ‘do you love yourself enough to let God change you?’”

Her eyes light up as she draws an imaginary line on the cafeteria table.

“I’m a visual person. This line is your lifetime. Summit is just two years. Two years of not thinking of anything else but the relationship between you and God. Those two years can change the rest of your life.”

On the Election

To say this election season has been “a ride” would be an understatement. Even after it has ended, I still find my newsfeed full of memes, videos, and posts that range from angry snark to arrogant elation. I scroll a lot less right now, and it’s really made me reflect on what we as the Church ought to be preoccupied with.

I know the typically expected Christian-Conservative reaction to a “red” House, Senate, and oval office is optimism, but I think we need to remind ourselves that, though good policies can cause good cultural shifts, they can’t raise the dead. Only the Gospel does that. “Christian” legislation and revival are two very different things, and if we want to be endowed with the power to bring grave-opening change to our sinking culture, we must love one another. The credibility of our message is wrapped up in that! (Jn. 13:35) Psalm 133 states in no uncertain terms that whether or not we are anointed as God’s life-bringing, priestly people is dependent on our unity as brothers and sisters.

If we only want Christian-esque laws, then politicians will do. But if we want people to find resurrection life, we must love each other in sincerity. Regardless of how we feel about the political climate, or of other’s defenses for why one candidate was supported over the other, it is time to obey His command: to love one another as He has loved us. (Jn. 15:12) Let’s do that. Let’s be the Church.

-Nik G., faculty ’07


A Dream’s Pursuit

Hi, my name is Ryan class of ’14. I’ve always had a burden to bring the hope of Christ to the poor, broken, and less advantaged. It was at Summit that this became a deeper cry in my heart and where I developed an idea of how I could effectively minister to hurting people. This summer I had the privilege of going to a ministry someone told me about called City of Refuge. They’re in Medellin, Colombia and they do exactly what I want to do (and more); they teach and train people to be godly men and women but also show them how to work in many different fields so they can find work after the one year program.


I want to start a ministry like that myself but during my visit I learned I’ve been pursuing this idea the wrong way. God doesn’t want us to pursue our dreams trying to honor Him in them; He wants us to pursue His dreams! In the Christian life it’s about following God’s plans, not ours.


I do not neglect my desire to help people in need, I believe it’s a desire God gave me, but it’s not my job to make it happen. My job is to know my maker, to focus on what he’s given me to do today, and to walk through the doors He opens for me. Are you following your plans and dreams, or God’s? Get alone with God, stop everything, and get to know Him! He wants our hearts not our abilities. 


12.2 Missions | Part 3 – Colombia

In Colombia, the 12.2 team worked with a ministry and church by the name of City of Refuge (Ciudad Refugio).  This ministry serves their local community in a variety of capacities, such as providing food, shelter and rehabilitation programs to the drug addicted and homeless, and running several feeding programs for children. While we there we also got a chance to work closely with Summit alumni, Gustavo Ruiz, Jamus Marquette and Adriana Uribe.


The ministry had our team run a sports camp for a week at the site of one of their feeding programs. This location is home to the second largest population of internally displaced children in Colombia, meaning they have been forced to leave their homes and now reside in a community consisting largely of makeshift structures. The United Nations has a school facility in the midst of this community that we were able to use for the week because we were training the children in soccer.

12.2 3.4

Every week the ministry reaches between 60 and 80 kids on Saturdays through the feeding program. On the first day of the soccer camps, over 115 kids lined up for registration, and by the end of the week close to 250 kids were participating in the drills and hearing from our coaches what it means to be more than an athlete. One of the great advantages the sports camp provided for the ministry was a reach to the older boys in the area who are less likely to come to the feeding program. Some of these boys even ended up attending the church at the end of the week!



With a language barrier and attendance numbers 5 to 6 times greater than normal, God was certainly our source of structure and order. We loved on kids and created a sense of teamwork and competition, but most importantly preached the gospel message and saw a large number of kids respond to this message

.12.2 3.1

12.2 Missions | Part 2 – Chicago


This summer in the Southside of Chicago, the 12.2 team came alongside a Summit alumnus, Pastor Ryan Johnson, who is working with a small church plant, helping them to develop a year-round outreach to their local community. The church had arranged a partnership with the park district for Thursday through Saturday to allow our team to host soccer and basketball camps for the 60-70 children and youth in their summer day camp program. We were then able to invite these kids to an awards ceremony on Sunday.


Throughout the camp we saw kids responding to the gospel message through general assemblies and small huddle times, and on Sunday about 20 kids came out to the award ceremony with their families. We were blessed by the desire of this church to serve their local community and encouraged by their efforts to maintain and build upon the relationships developed during the camps.




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