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Students at Summit love the classes, the chapels and the time for personal devotions. In classes, students not only grow in their knowledge of God, but are also motivated by the living testimonies of the instructors. Most students will tell you it is in the daily chapel services that their faith is strengthened and their character is provoked.

But there is more to life at Summit. The school offers a very unique atmosphere within its serene surroundings. By removing the distractions of cell phones, texting and social media, students are immersed in fellowship with Jesus and with one another.

An important part of student life at Summit is the field.  We are blessed to have a 100-acre campus where students can always find a bench or sit under a tree to read the Word, journal their thoughts, pray or simply sit quietly in the presence of the Lord. For many students the field is where they encounter God one-on-one.

Life at Summit can be summed up in the word “family.”  Lifelong friendships are formed through living, learning and serving together. Students learn to love each other in a profound way, as they grow stronger in the Lord together.  They come to the school from all over the world, diverse cultural backgrounds and every walk of life, but they leave the school in one accord—a heart full of Jesus and love for people.

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