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Life can get busy here at Summit, so taking advantage of the many sport and fitness opportunities on and off campus is a great way to unwind, stay healthy, connect with other students, and just have fun! Take a look at a few of the events and sports available for students to participate in.

Intramural League

One of the most exciting sporting events at Summit is our intramural league! Students and staff take on each other in basketball, softball, volleyball and soccer, competing throughout the year on one of four teams for the championship title.


Annual Turkey Bowl

Every fall, Summit alumni and students come together for an intense rivalry football game. Traditionally, students become loyal Bishops or Mau-Mau fans their first year and take pride in their team, even after becoming alumni.

Staff vs. Student Basketball Games

Summit staff show off their skills outside the classroom and on the court every year at staff vs. student basketball games. On the occasion the staff take the win, bragging rights are exercised for a whole year!

Gyms & Fitness

Students use the gym to practice and play pick-up games during their free time. Basketball and volleyball are two of the favorites here at Summit. Attached to the gym, there is also a weight room, equipped with machines and free weights.

Other opportunities arise sporadically throughout the year including:

  • Ice Skating
  • Bowling
  • Tennis (at nearby Levitz Park)
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Hiking
  • Walking/ Running at nearby Memorial Lake Park

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